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At Vibra we have personally experienced the previous market cycles which helped us grow and learn. Time and time again we have seen short term volatility or FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt such as news delivered via media that cause people to panic and sell).

Vibra teaches investors how to navigate the crypto markets, including information on buying, selling and staking digital currencies. We also offer an in person Crypto 101 class that dives into the basics of digital currencies and the blockchain.

We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and loyalty. Whether in person or on Zoom, Vibra offers a unique, one on one service. Let us show you how to monitor your investments and maximize your profits and we will be there for you should any problems arise.

Meet The Team


Adam Boghosian
[email protected]
Chief Executive Officer & Lead Consultant

Adam grew up in the Albany, New York area and attended Niskayuna High School. He graduated from Flagler College in 2007 with a degree in Business Administration and Economics. His business career began with a decade as a commercial real estate agent. With years of cold calling experience and face to face meetings, he learned how to evolve in this rapidly changing environment.

In 2017 he found cryptocurrency while playing the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. His initial investments were mostly in alt coins, which was a mistake. With no one there to help, he struggled immediately with the volatility. In a few short months of trying to catch pumps and getting into new ICO’s, the initial investment had all but disappeared.

Seeking a fresh start, Adam got into car sales in 2019. Over this period of time crypto went up and down until the crash of March 2020. The dealership he worked at closed, and a once in a lifetime opportunity now presented itself. He had the time to put in the thousands of hours of research and using different blockchains. This hard work allowed him to gain incredible new insight into market trends, cycles, analysis, and on/off chain metrics.

He will help educate you on navigating the crypto space, including buying, selling, staking, NFT’s, and technical support. Adam will come to you in person or it can be done via Zoom per request. During this time you will learn how to choose coins, manage your portfolio, all while maximizing profits. He will also be there to answer questions and help with any problems you may be experiencing. Adam always takes the extra step for his clients. Contact him today to discuss your future!


Nathan Heaton
[email protected]
Chief Operating Officer & Consultant

Nathan Heaton was born in Seminole County Florida. He graduated high school with honors and began taking college classes at the South Florida State College in Highlands county Florida. During college Nathan volunteered with the West Sebring fire department while exploring multiple careers. Nathan ran mostly structure fires and vehicle accidents and served his county for 3 more years as a professional firefighter / EMT.

Nathan was often working between 5-7 days a week due to mandatory overtime. He was initially very happy with the hours but found that he was frequently being bumped into another tax bracket and losing most of his overtime income. As more time passed, Nathan began to realize that his salary of $40,000 per year would not provide him the quality of life that he desired.

Nathan began to lose his sense of fulfillment due to time away from his family as well as the general day to day monotony maintenance routines and politics involved with the fire service. Nathan left the fire department in March of 2020 in the hopes of finding a more fruitful line of work.

In July of 2020 Nathan’s curiosity to understand Cryptocurrency led him to start researching and devoting hundreds of hours to educate himself on the matter.

Because of his knowledge, continued education and calculated investments, Nathan has far surpassed his annual salary from his initial investment and is also making passive income. He is very passionate about sharing his success with others and he is looking forward to a consultation with you.


Melvin Mcleod
[email protected]
Chief Marketing Officer & Consultant

Melvin was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. He has several years experience in the financial industry and holds a Fintech Certification from the Wharton School Of Business.

Melvin recently attended the Hex Las Vegas Conference and has been a guest on several streaming channels as a crypto expert. He will be expanding Vibras social media presence with extremely valuable content.

He is able to identify different financial technologies and understands the dynamics between the innovations and regulations. He educates on the life changing opportunities in cryptocurrency and the importance of keeping a positive and healthy mindset. With times rapidly changing, developing a sustainable investment strategy requires years of experience and extreme discipline. These demands are no problem for Melvin.


Benjamin Owens
[email protected]
Chief Business Officer & Consultant

As a former Marine, Ben displays an uncompromising code of integrity. He is ready to share his extensive knowledge of crypto with you! His background in Robotic Maintenance gave him the unique ability to evaluate efficiency and reliability. He constantly educates his clients on how to achieve maximum quantity and quality with their investment decisions.

Ben has invested years in crypto and his full-time commitment to studying charts, on/off chain metrics and analysis. He excels at technical analysis, coin & token research, and always is thinking ahead. Due to successful investments in crypto, one of his new goals is to walk others through the entire process. There are many steps that need to be taken to ensure security in this expanding market and constant economic uncertainty.

There is no investment that is too small. Ben believes that everyone deserves the chance to learn the market before it takes over the mainstream. With his guidance you can easily get into this space and see the potential for both the short and long term. His sole purpose is to educate you on security and how to minimize losses and maximize gains. Once a relationship is established with his clients, they last a lifetime.

Ben is from a small town in Alabama and currently purchased land to build on with his wife Amber. He is an active member in the Veteran community and when he isn’t laser focused on your needs as a client, you can find him playing golf or enjoying woodworking projects.


Lindsay Tracey
Executive Assistant
[email protected]

Lindsay was born in Youngstown, New York and grew up on a farm. She always had a love for animals and took care of her horses. Responsibility and self accountability was instilled in her at a young age.

She received a bachelor’s degree in Communication from SUNY Brockport and found herself in nursing. After spending years in the field, she decided to take control of her career. The knowledge gained from owning and operating a white label company is priceless. She handcrafted her own products, marketed them and sold them in stores both locally and internationally.

Networking and expanding her business brought Lindsay to Saratoga, New York where she ultimately found crypto. At first she was hesitant to invest like most people. After weeks of research and talking with friends, she did it! Little did she know that moment would change her life. It led to her truly discovering a passion for crypto. With all of her previous experiences in business, it was an easy transition for her into the space.

Lindsay attended the Hex Crypto Conference in 2021 representing Vibra Finance and opening up many new doors. Her ability to think outside the box and connect with people is one of a kind. She controls our internal servers and is crucial for logistics. Lindsay will be on-site for our Crypto 101 courses and consulting in the near future.

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