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Did you know the digital asset YF-DAI currently pays 72% APY when staked and API3 is at 50%. Are any of your assets getting interest like that? With inflation coming, getting ahead of the market is more important now than ever.

New To Crypto?

An expert will coach you on the basics including:

  • Best exchanges to set up accounts with
  • How to organize and view your assets in a real-time customizable portfolio
  • How to move coins and view transactions
  • Cold storage wallets, Ledger & Troubleshooting
  • Lost funds and wallets, lost passwords, passphrase or recovery word phrases
Crypto Coach

Owning your Crypto.

Become an expert:

  • Micro Cap Altcoins & Layer 2
  • How to find that 50-100x Gem
  • On/Off chain metrics
  • T/A, Chart Analysis & Trendlines
  • Using the dips as buying opportunities
  • Everything NFT’s
  • Presales like Coinbase & Ripple on Linqto for Accredited Investors. series 65 82 7
  • How to spot rug pulls (ICO/IDO & Presales) and what are the red flags
  • $499/hour or $799/2 hours
  • Sessions are conducted in person. Zoom calls are per request only.
  • Portfolio Review: Start by accessing your current positions. We make suggestions in helping to rebalance your portfolio. This can be a more conservative or a more high risk approach. We work to find you the ideal portfolio.

    Exchanges: Our team will guide you through the process of setting up accounts with multiple exchanges and wallets. Having several avenues to deposit and withdraw is critical.

    One on One help. Customized help with any issues that arise when sending, swapping, staking, etc. Anything from frozen transactions, adding coins to your wallet, Technical Analysis and much more.

    Non-fungible Tokens (NFT’s): What are NFT’s? Why they are important. How to invest and custody NFT’s. Are they just a fad or much much more?

    Market Analysis. How to time the markets and land the best entry points. Learning the bitcoin halving and 4 year cycle, what is alt season? What other on/off chain metrics are important.

    Uniswap Metamask and Cold Storage. Learning how to use these two is critical to acquiring coins not on exchanges. You can swap coins you own for others. Keeping your crypto in an offline cold wallet is the safest, most private way.

    Staking: Most coins offer interest for staking ( locking up ). Interest rates are as high as 72% APY. It’s not industry standard to get 8% or higher on your dollars.

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