Adam Boghosian
Chief Executive Officer & Lead Consultant
[email protected]

I graduated from Flagler college with a degree in business administration and economics. I took a job as a commercial real estate agent in 2008 during the peak of the mortgage crisis. Just about everyone told me I was crazy for coming in at the worst time the market has seen. It ended up being a blessing in disguise because it forced me to do 10x the work I would’ve had to do years earlier. I spent day after day walking into local businesses handing out flyers, meeting owners, and building relationships. This ultimately showed me what I was doing was not about the money. It was the enjoyment of the day to day interactions. The most valuable asset gained was the network of small business owners and entrepreneurs. In 2017 I discovered cryptocurrency and that’s when everything changed. I knew right away this was my calling. Spending a couple years researching the market, it became apparent this was the future. As people found out I was into crypto, mostly everyone needed help. I was spending all of my time educating friends and family so I turned it into a business. Using all of the skills, principles and ethics I learned as a broker, the transition into crypto was seamless. VIBRA Finance launched in mid 2021 with our main focus on educating our clients by showing what not to do, helping avoid mistakes that I made, and how to navigate the market. For our more experienced clients, I take a deep look at their current portfolios and create a customized plan catering to their exact needs.


Lindsay Tracey
Chief Operations Officer & Consultant
[email protected]

Growing up on a farm teaches you what hard work and persistence is from childhood.

After graduating college I began working in a positions of leadership which ultimately brought me to become an entrepreneur.

Single handedly growing my startup business from a $20 initial investment to $20k a month requires the the ability to adapt, grow and pivot quickly. This has come in handy when dealing with volatile cryptocurrency markets.

With all of my previous small businesses and entrepreneurial experience, the transition to VIBRA Finance was natural.

I am here to welcome you to our service & work with you one-on-one, step-by-step from the beginning, so that you feel confident with your crypto.

When I am not researching the crypto market, creating social media content or scheduling consultations, I enjoy spending time with my loved ones outdoors.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!